Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tech Fast Journal

Day One: Nov 9th
(Morning) Moral of the story, I'm going on a tech fast this week and I'm not texting or getting on the interet. Music has been up in the air, but I decided today as I was trying to obstain, than I would be uber unhappy without music. I'm still using my phone as my alarm, which rudely awakened me this morning. I've already been uber tempted to text people, and work is even worse. I've been trying to keep busy with catalog mail and service sheets, but I can't keep the company internet site up because its too much temptation.
(Afternoon) I have nothing to do. I finished all the work earlier this morning, and since I got back from work I've been so bored its driving me nuts! Lucky for me I get off soon, I've hardly ever been so happy to get off work.
(Night) Okay, so I gave in--I played Solitare on my computer. Yes I know its cheating a litte, but hey, I was SO BORED!!! Don't judge.
Day Two: Nov 10th
(Morning) I lost my phone is morning while I was getting ready for the day. I found it right by my bed before I left though, so no worries. As I haven't been using my phone I've realized that I start most of the text conversations I have. There aren't a ton of people who text me out of the blue. I get lonely and resort to texting to amuse me or fill in the gap. Shouldn't I be able to be okay having just McKenna time? Last night I took a bath after FHE, wrote in my journal, talked to a friend, and went to bed early. Super relaxing, lowkey, just ME time, and I still had impulses to be with people. Granted, its not bad to be happy because of people, but all the time isn't healthy for a person.
Day Three: Nov 11th
(Night) I didn't know when I was due to go in to work today, so instead of texting my manager asking, I had to call him. Can I just say that that was super annoying?!
Day Four : Nov 12th
(Night) Today has been pretty easy. I find it easier and easier every day to obstain from using my phone and forgetting it altogether. I feel lighter and more focused. This was exactly what I needed. I feel like I'm in a way doing an inner cleanse, as silly as that sounds. Sure, its only not using technology, but this week I've learned so much about myself. I've recognized huge areas that I need to strengthen, but I've also seen that I do have determination when I put my mind to something. I decided I would not cheat a single time this week, and I was true to that. I'm so thankful that I felt impressed to do this. It has been so good for me.


  1. I couldn't see all of this post, and I want to! You're so brave, I don't think I could do this. If I have a vote, I think Paul Mitchell would be so up your alley, and then you could teach me everything you know! :)

  2. Ah thanks Britt! I actually didnt write days 5&6, but the fast was soo good for me! I start school the 28th at Marinello! SO EXCITED!