Friday, December 25, 2009

Family is Best

There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of being with family. This Christmas vacation was everything I needed and so much more! Just the relaxing, and knowing that the people around you genuinely love and care for you. Its the best.
This Christmas at home was very different from ones in the past. Without Mom planning everything and doing most of the shopping, each of us kids here at home sort of took it upon ourselves to help Daddy in the shopping and stocking stuffing. While doing so was very different, it made Christmas a very sweet experience for me. I got to go through the whole process of planning, shopping, and watching as the gifts were opened. Now I see why parents do what they do for their kids year after year. Seeing my siblings so excited over a gift they had received truely gave me joy.

We had the opportunity to have lots of our extended family over on Christmas Eve. My Grandparents, Aunt Andrea and Uncle Ron, Uncle Randy and Aunt Valorie, their son Tanner and his new wife Shelly, and my eldest brother Bryon and his family. My Grandmother and Aunts trucked in laundry baskets of food (literally!) and quickly got bustling in the kitchen. As I was doing the dishes it struck me what perfect homemakers these women are. The men were sitting and casually talking, as the kids played on the rug drawing pictures, and the women cooking in the kitchen. I was very impressed with their example of good, oldfashioned homemakers. There are so few of those these days.

My Mom sent me a gift for Christmas. She made me pajama pants from the fabric she got me and my sister two years ago. They are expertly sewn. I love my Mommy. Its times like these when I expect nothing from her and she completely surprises and touches me. I hope she knows how much I love her.

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  1. Sounds like a fun christmas! Note: Husbands sitting on the couch with wifey cooking in the kitchen does not a good homemaker make. :) My hubbie is in the kitchen with me!