Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tribute To A Friend

Lost a piece of the puzzle
and it will never be complete
Taste something long enough
and you'll find it sour, bland, and sweet
These self destructive walls
don't haunt me anymore
I've finally got the tools I need
to help settle the score
Its sad the things I had to go through
to relate to his pain
I wish I could be there for him
When he feels there's nothing left to gain
He's been my one true friend
That I know would never lead me astray
If I could I'd be there for him every night and day
Without him I am nothing because without him I feel weak
He brought color into this world I found so desolate and bleak...
This special poem was written for me by a friend.
I slightly modified it to dedicate it to a very close friend, who I will never forget.

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