Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tech Fast

I have decided that I am going on a Technology Fast all of next week. I just need some time to myself to get to all those things that grate on me, but I never have time to do (i.e. putting contact paper in our kitchen cabinets). I've been so so busy with work and dating that I've put off important things like signing up for online classes. Hence, I am taking an entire week to myself, making no plans with friends or for dates, to regain my sanity and reprioritize. I will take phone calls, but please no texts. I will not be on Facebook. I will not be checking my regular email. The fast will run from Sunday thru Saturday.
I'll be keeping a journal through the week just for the fast and how I feel, and I'll make sure to post some of it.


  1. Great idea! How is it going? But since you won't be reading this until Saturday I will have to call you to find out!!

  2. Just out of curiosity, how did the fast go? Did you make it the week?...I was think of a similar thing before.