Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I see my Future Changing

I had a great chat with my sister Dawnelle yesterday about my plans for the future. My current plan, if I remain in the the single dating pool instead of getting married, is that I will go to UVU until I get enough credits to transfer to BYU-Idaho where I can study my intended major of Interior Design. BUT, if I do get married, I want to go to Cosmetology School before I graduate from college. I've always wanted to go to Cosmetology School, and I know 100% that I want to go eventually. Dawnelle thinks I should do it now, instead of waiting. I hadn't seriously thought of going immediately...but since talking to Dawnelle, I've been thinking more and more about the possibilities.
I live two minutes walking distance from Marinellos Hair School
There are several really good schools here in Provo --Like Paul Mitchell or Marinellos
I could work and pay for college after I graduate from hair school
I could the skills to work from home as a business to help my family--yet still be close to my kids
I could give my sisters haircuts for free (hint hint)
I know I would love it
Delaying finishing school
Might not be able to have a job outside of hairschool as its really time consuming
Some people think its just the easy way out
Pretty dang expensive, and I would have to take out loans
How could I pay for living expenses?

I've felt good about going for a while now, but thought I should wait. Time for some serious praying for guidance. Oh and P.S. --Sisters are amazing!

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  1. I love you McKenna- you're right that sisters are amazing! You guys are are some of my biggest blessings. And I love that you have a blog- makes me feel like we live closer than we do...:).