Thursday, May 5, 2011


Since I'm in hairschool, I tend to change my hair up pretty darn often. Normally like once a month (too much, I know I know). I thought I'd do a post showing my hair and how I've changed it since the new year, because I've changed it. Alot. Seriously I need to pick a style and stay with it!
Anyway, here goes.
Picture #1

This was in January right after my wedding. I had my hair at a dark chocolate brown to match my hair extensions. Level 5, for people who do hair.

Then I decided I was way too dark and I wanted to go BLONDE.

So here is Picture #2

My hair went a bit lighter than I thought it would and looked awful for a few days before we toned it. I kept it this blonde for about a month and a half. But I wasn't in love with it, and Alex said I looked like a hooker :)

So it had to go.
In comes Pictures #3 & #4

This is the color I'm at right now. Its called a Melt, which is super popular right now. A Melt is when you take a darker color near the root (normally the natural haircolor) and blend or "Melt" colors down slowly lightening the color til the ends are the lightest area of the hair. Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston are examples. Its supposed to give you a natural sunkist look. Anyway I'm loving it so much better than the bright blonde.

So yeah, thats where my hair is at for the present. I'm sure I'll want to change it up again soon though!


  1. I am really liking the melt, not gonna lie. I think you should stick with it! I like that it is closer to your natural color then your other colors.

  2. That is exactly what I want my hair to look like! How come you get to be a sunkist blond and everyone thinks I should be a matronly brunette (no offense brunettes everywhere :). Also, looking very busty in that yellow shirt photo (can I say that?!)

  3. HAHA that is EXACTLY what Alex said Dawnelle! And I'm definitely sticking with this color for a while. My hair needs to heal!

  4. Heard you went on a cruise- would love to see photos of this fabulous adventure! Miss you...

  5. Coming soon Dawnelle! Alex has them on his computer and I keep forgetting to grab them.

  6. you must tell me a little more about this melting process!! I can experiment on someone here I am sure... You look beautiful in all the colors!!!

  7. Its pretty easy if you can blend well and not leave spots. We used Wella with a 7/03 at my roots, 8/03 upper mid strand, and 9/03 from mid til about 3 or 4 inches to the end and left my ends at a 10. I LOVED IT! I just did a more dramatic melt last week with my roots at a 5 and my ends at a 9 and I like it even better!