Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{georgia} on my mind...

I've been vacationing at my sisters for the last week in Georgia! It has been so much fun and the time is just flying by. I really needed a break from my hard schedule, and after my Europe plans fell through I decided to go to Georgia instead. I haven't been back to Georgia in two years and its been crazy to see how things and people have changed. I have gotten to see several of my old friends and it seems everywhere we go brings back memories of when I lived here. Georgia still holds such a sweet place in my heart. If situations would allow, I would love to come back here to live eventually. I just need to get Alex on the bandwagon...
Here are some sweet pictures of my niece Ellie {2} and my nephew Carter {5}

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  1. Adorable children, seriously, SO cute! And I'm not just saying that because they are mine :). We love having you here McKenna, consider it home and come stay anytime to recharge your batteries. Normally we aren't quite so full up here! But the more the merrier.