Monday, August 22, 2011

Mission: Outer Space

Warning: this entire post may well be super nerdy but I just have to share!

This last weekend Alex and I went to our friend Nik's birthday party. At the Larkin Space Center in an Elementary School. We knew we were going to do a "Space Simulation" but we had no idea what to expect. As we pulled up we kind of did a "Uh Oh, this looks suuuper juvenile" in our minds. We walked in and there were young kids (okay so they were like 9 or 10) everywhere!
We were shuttled by one of the older kids to the room where our group of friends were waiting for us.
There was a guy that briefed us on our mission and assigned us all our "duties".
Although we thought at first it would be kiddie stuff we were TOTALLY wrong. We actually had a whole command deck and had to be trained on our computer systems. We had people coming in as "ambassadors" from the enemy and we got raided and shot, and then we took them as prisoners.
And it was all SO MUCH FUN!
The whole mission lasted two and a half hours (which flew by) and we could not stop talking about it once it was over. Such nerds.
Lets just say that we will probably go again....soon. Anyone wanna join in on the complete Star Trek Nerdiness?

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  1. How in the world have I never heard of this place? That sounds like so much fun! In a completely nerdy way, but we are confident in our nerdyness :) Glad you had fun!